Past issues

Issue Nine

Welcome to Issue Nine of LossLit Magazine.

Issue Eight

Welcome to Issue 8 of LossLit Magazine.



Issue Seven

Welcome to Issue 7 of LossLit magazine.


Issue Six

Welcome to Issue Six of LossLit Magazine.


Issue Five

Welcome to Issue Five of LossLit Magazine.


Issue Four

Welcome to Issue Four of LossLit Magazine.


Issue Three

Welcome to Issue Three of LossLit Magazine.

Issue Two

Welcome to Issue Two of LossLit Magazine.

Issue One

Welcome to the inaugural issue of LossLit Magazine. Following a successful launch of the #LossLit collaborative writing project on Twitter in 2014, we’re delighted for the first time to bring together a collection of long-form creative works inspired by loss, by a host of talented and prize-winning writers across short story, poetry and essay-writing.