Issue Three:
Yazidi Figs

By Natalia Spencer

Three thousand miles east of Paris we find you
one of many, moist, rosy and glittering.
You, the four sepalled calyx
not worth a pack of cigarettes.

Three thousand miles east of Paris we find you
and your mothers, folded in, exuding sap
so bitter not even the tongue
of a three toed goat will touch.

Three thousand miles east of Paris we find you
over ripe, and grieving for your daughter’s
blighted blossom, the soundless wine cups
used to anoint crimson altars.

Three thousand miles east of Mount Sinjar
Here the air is white flower thick
and we light candles beneath another phallus.
Pale and mute you come, walking among us.

About the Contributor

Natalia Spencer B.A is a Writer from South West England. Like most writers she knows, she has family, cats and many books. The MSF Silver Award for poetry is welcomed addition to her bookshelves. Her work also appears in: I Am Not A Silent Poet, Writers For Calais Refugees, Flash Frontier, and the anthology Kissing Frankenstein and other Stories.

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