Issue Two:
The valley of the infinite

By Rishi Dastidar

His dream of here _ the park and the bay and the bridge _ had been animated by a simple koan that, to his shallow ears, promised a bright release.

‘The valley of the infinite’

_ it had never been made clear what this boundlessness was, or what it might be for. It sounded thrilling. West was where it was.

It left him breathless to be a pico-scale part of it. He revelled in knowing that he was seeingdoingmakingliving the products, the patterns, the progress the rest of the world would follow a second, a year, an aeon later. The BA, the MA, the MBA, the JD, the various stints of intrapreneurial interning with ramrod WASP elite firms, disguising their lack of proximity to the bleeding edge by sprinkling the suffix ‘.io’ over their business cards; all had been worth it to bring him to the flaking lip of now.

Except that he had become too caught up in the now to recognise that he had slipped into the then. He found his skillset declared suboptimal, his personality fit deemed inexact, his passcard inoperative.

He tried one last processing, to interrogate where this thought, this mania _ this yearning desire _ for the promise of The Golden State had come from, and he could only surmise that it was his father’s radio, tuned to a station that brought news of pitches and swings, bunts and no-hitters, from a somewhere called Candlestick Park. It sounded heart-breaking even then.

He swung _

About the Contributor

Rishi Dastidar is a member of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen. A runner-up in the 2011 Cardiff International Poetry Competition, and the 2014 Troubadour International Poetry Competition, his work has featured in the 2012 anthologies Adventures in Form (Penned in the Margins) and Lung Jazz (Cinnamon Press / Eyewear Publishing), and most recently in 2014’s Ten: The New Wave (Bloodaxe).

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