Issue Ten:
Sea Sickness

By Eloise Unerman

My wife was a blue person,

like a cat person, only everything

had to be blue. Her hair was blue,

the office was blue – sorry,

seafoam – the salt and pepper

shakers were cerulean and navy, like

a little nautical couple sitting sea-sick

on the dinner table. We had cobalt


carpets and sky ceilings, sapphire kitchen

cabinets and lapis napkins, though nobody

ever visited to use them. I bought her ornaments

from indigo to arctic, threw out anything


that wasn’t denim. Weekly, I painted

her nails baby blue, bought her Smurf toys.

Once, I drove to Tesco in the early hours

to hunt down Berry Blast Powerade,


and got up at six the next day to make

blueberry pancakes. For our anniversary,

she asked me to paint every room blue,

the ceilings too. The empty cans of glacier


gave her just enough height, and were easy

enough to kick. I still get up at six and sit

in the bathroom, away from it all, trying

to remember what colour the tiles are.

About the Contributor

Eloise Unerman is a young writer based in South Yorkshire who writes poetry and short stories, and attends Rotherham Young Writers. She was awarded Cuckoo Young Writers Award 2017 in Northern Writers Awards, Young Poet in Residence at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2018 and is currently Barnsley’s Poet Laureate

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