Issue Seven:

By Georgina Norie

Things she took with her:
Homemade dolmades
Songs of kookla-mou
Village dancing.

Things she sent down:
Thursday September 3rd 2009, 8:10pm, lesson in soft goodbyes
Friday September 11th 2009, yellow carnations
The strength to carve her name deep into chalk cliffs
This poem, eight years on.

Things she took with her:
Talks that can only take place between a mother and her daughter
Hugs that hold together but prepare you to stand
Friendship that can only take place when mother and daughter
grow into woman and woman.

Things she sent down:
Orange moon sat on Larnaca sea,
her warm arms making cradles of waves,
as we, waist-deep, watched ashes glitter.

About the Contributor

Georgina is a poet who has performed at prestigious venues and festivals across the UK and is published in several small presses. Currently studying an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, Georgina believes in the healing power of words and facilitates both creative writing and writing for well-being groups.

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