Issue Ten:
The Ghost of my Mother is waiting for me in Arrivals

By Claire Collison

I see her through the window, the plane still taxiing, the seatbelt signs not yet extinguished. She’s on the roof terrace they closed when they were modernising, but she won’t know that. Wearing the dress she bought in Peter Jones, so long ago, it’s back in fashion. She’s excited to see me; I can tell from her body language; she waves, knowing I will spot her. She will no doubt know others who are meeting friends and family, and she’ll have told them, I’m meeting my daughter. I will never again be as looked forward to as I am now.

About the Contributor

Claire Collison is one of three winners of the inaugural Women Poets’ Prize. She came second in Hippocrates and Resurgence Prizes, was shortlisted for the Poetry Business Competition (2016/17) and for the Rialto Pamphlet Prize (2018/19). Her first novel, Treading Water, is about two sisters, each coming to terms in their own way with the loss of their mother.

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