Issue One:
Let’s Call Him ‘G’

By M John Harrison

Commuter train, 5pm. A man, we’ll call him G, opens his mail. It’s all bank statements and bills. G stares quickly and indifferently at each one. They record nothing surprising.

Later he watches TV. On the TV an amputee describes how he got his foot stuck in the train line – how he had to, “wait for the train to come and take it off,” as if he accepted that losing his foot was the only was he was going to get free.

Later still G is on the phone in another room. “I can never quite emotionally assimilate,” he’s saying, but he’s interrupted. “I can never quite emotionally assimilate,” he repeats, but he’s interupted again.

About the Contributor

M. John Harrison is the critically acclaimed author of The Centauri Device, Viriconium, and Climbers, and the Kefahuchi Tract Trilogy (Light, Nova Swing and Empty Space).

He has won numerous awards, including the James Tiptree Jr Award (for Light), and the Arthur C. Clarke Award (for Nova Swing).  He was also a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award in 2013 for Empty Space.

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