Issue Three:

By Pratheesh Ramachandran

We buried a bird
Behind our ancestral home
It was the end of an abandoned summer
We were eight or nine.

Decades later
You sent me a book of birds
Migrating seas.

I could remember a day,
Its ash colored wings,
Muted eyes,
Frozen death.

Can we but trace its tombstone out,
Its forgotten flock,
The faded map,
The withered tree awaiting her in an unknown continent?

About the Contributor

Pratheesh Ramachandran was born in Kerala, in 1987. He is an artist and poet. He has published 3 books in Malayalam, and now works in a judicial department.

Losslit canon

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

Staying upon the stoic philosophy, Aurelius makes room for everyone, which is a sky itself. He talked to the soul, there was no listeners at all, of the place of a man/ woman in this universe, in this earth, in nature. Walking along with Aurelius is a meditating process, through which we forget the superfluous mind, regain our divinity. We then might more easily find out where the contours of the interior and the exterior meet.

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