Issue Five:
An End to Balancing

By Jason Jackson


Eyes closed, the high-wire man plays violin,

sings of a castle called Kokura, of clouds


and curved skies. Thirty years of practising

have made him sad, his song no longer loud


but today – only today, of all days –

a disturbance on the wire: God, and hope,


or so the man thinks, because still he prays

each morning to feel a twitch on the tightrope


where there should be none, something to break

his cursed concentration, the awful debt


he owes to gravity called-in, his maker

suddenly there, a slip, a life to forget


in the fall from line to ground, an end

at last to balancing, and end at last


to songs, and as he drops he sees a bird,

not God, sitting high on the wire, the first


companion in his solitary walks

for thirty years, a blessed thief to steal


the limelight. Let the scattered crowd talk

of how they saw bird and man make a deal.




About the Contributor

Jason Jackson writes short fiction and poetry. He also takes photographs. Find links to some of his published work at Jason tweets @jj_fiction

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