Issue Eight:
A tribute to austerity

By Sanmeet Kaur

One day I will write of the horrors I witnessed that summer when the homes that once saw light and life were engulfed in flames.

I will sit and relay that feeling of being ambushed by familiar faces gracing posters that shouted of their absence. The quiet tremor that lingered in the air after the stampede of cameras had consumed enough and retreated to the shadows.

The sight of once-empty streets awash with the heavy burden of clothes that would not be worn. The fallen faces that greeted them spoke of the haunting realisation that not enough had made it out to adorn their bodies with the well-wishes of strangers.

The politicians who picked up our sorrows not turning to see that we were still waiting for our voices to return from the cries of help.

The parents that cradled their hearts and stood empty-handed; their beaten hands too shaken to form fists of rage. The children left staring at the frozen faces of classmates plastered on walls; relics of a broken community.

The heat of the sun was busy scorching our skin for daring to live as the news poured in of another soul lost.

Small talk turned into quiet tales of people who now jumped at noises outside their windows. They told me it reminds them of the screams of those who said they could not breathe on that wretched June night.

Even though the smoke was gone suffocation was busy strengthening its grip.

About the Contributor

Sanmeet Kaur is a recent History graduate and writer from London. She has previously written for Media Diversified and gal-dem zine. She enjoys all things politics, books and intersectional feminism. She can be found @sanmeeet

Losslit canon

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