Losslit contributor:
Tamim Sadikali

Tamim is a short story writer, novelist and reviewer. His reviews have appeared in Open Pen, Bookmunch, Minor Literature[s], Wasafiri, Critical Muslim and 3A:M Magazine. His novel, Dear Infidel (Hansib, 2014), was nominated for the People’s Book Prize. He has recently completed a short story collection.

Twitter: @TamimSadikali

British Street Music

…and his jeans are belted up below his arse. His fucking shreddies is on display. I says to him, ‘Oye mate, your trousers is falling down,’ and the sobriety of the carriage shatters. I soak up looks from all them suits, shuffling uncomfortably. Meanwhile our fashionista glares at us, says something under his breath. Patois, […]