Losslit contributor:
Stephen Hargadon

Stephen was born in east London and now lives in Manchester. Three of his stories have appeared in Black Static magazine: World of Trevor (which can be read on my website), The Bury Line and The Visitors. Author Nicholas Royle described The Visitors as “subtle, well observed, beautifully nuanced”. He has performed at the Verbose Literary night in Manchester and is currently working on a novel and number of non-fiction projects

Twitter: @HargadonStephen

Website: http://stephenhargadon.co.uk

Hollywood Chicken

Happens to me quite a bit. People think they know me. Perhaps they do. I wouldn’t know. I’m not a people person. I’m not what you call sociable. I’m happy with my own company, listening to my own thoughts. Not everyone is like me. Hardly anyone is like me. But still they think they know […]