Losslit contributor:
Sean Burn

Sean Burn’s third full volume of poetry is that a bruise or a tattoo? was published by Shearsman Press in 2013.  He was Jessie Kesson 2016 literary fellow, Moniack Mhor – Scotland’s writing centre where he wrote crowlight, associate writer with Greyscale Theatre developing a new play joey s/he – ‘they gave lou reed e.c.t. cos he wz bi, dont let ’em give yu’ – spanning 1981 (hard-right government, race-hate, savage cuts but punk not pop-punk) through to 2041.



crow-light heaton and daemon-yu squatting t.v. aerial opposite, summon(s)ing.  life-long republicans, we loathe streets called after king, such un-earned naming turn us berserker.  ugly-love calls us station, ends platform two, northbound outta newcastle.  that glint yr eye, pale-lights still.  awaiting our edinburgh change, yu delight over pastie scraps.  at perths platform seven, change again for […]