Losslit contributor:
Rosie Garland

Rosie Garland’s poetry and short fiction have appeared in Under the Radar, Longleaf Review, Casket of Fictional Delights, Bath Flash Fiction Award, Butcher’s DogNew Welsh ReaderBare FictionThe RialtoThe North and elsewhere. She is author of three novels: The Palace of Curiosities, Vixen, & The Night Brother. The Times has described her writing as “a delight: playful and exuberant.

Website: http://www.rosiegarland.com/


Grandmother thumbs the knotted skin above her right eye, where they removed her horn. It was a long time ago, she says. Back when they wouldn’t let folk like us keep them. It will be different for you. Don’t let anyone prune away the strangeness that makes you strong. When I ask about Ma, she […]