Losslit contributor:
Nicki Hastie

Nicki Hastie‘s poetry has been published in The Soundswrite anthology of contemporary poetry 201114 MagazineWomb and Chroma. Other writings have appeared in critical anthologies relating to women’s health, coming out stories, and representations of lesbians in popular culture. Nicki has an enduring interest in autobiographical story-telling and the ways in which reading/writing can become routes for exploring/building identity. She is currently writing a memoir through blackout poetry, using pages of The Observer Magazine as her sole source material. Nicki is an activist within mental health and LGBT+ communities, lives in Nottingham, and regularly participates in the monthly LossLit events on Twitter. See more at http://nickihastie.co.uk

She Looks (A Sestina)

She has looked at them from both sides now, in all their colours, as Joni Mitchell advised. First time in a plane she marvelled at clouds unknown before, sparkling in unhindered sunlight, believing a refresh could reset each day. A myriad of paints on her palette offering a scent of essential oils to enliven all […]