Losslit contributor:
Myriam Frey

Myriam Frey is an applied linguist and former architect. She works as a translator for the Lucerne University of Sciences and Arts and as a freelancer. Myriam lives in Olten, Switzerland, with her husband and two teenage children. Her short fiction has appeared in various magazines and anthologies, among them Ambit MagazineShadows & Tall Trees and Paraxis.

Twitter: @DustyNewRose

Website: www.myriamfrey.ch

Heating disorder

She knows he’s wondering if she’s the starving or the vomiting kind and he seems rude enough to actually ask. He walks behind her when she shuffles into the living room in her massive tiger paw slippers and she can feel his eyes through the fabric of her tracksuit bottoms that hangs in a pouch […]