Losslit contributor:
Marian Womack

Marian Womack grew up in Andalusia and lives in Cambridge. In Spanish she has published the experimental nouvelle Memoria de la nieve, and she has contributed to a number of anthologies of literary and speculative fiction. Her fiction in English can be read in Weird Fiction ReviewApexThe Year’s Best Weird Fiction, vol.3 (Undertow, 2016), and she has written for video games. A graduate of the San Diego Clarion Writer’s Workshop and of the Cambridge University Creative Writing MSt, she is currently a postgraduate researcher at The Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy, working on the connection between the gothic, weird fiction, and climate change fiction.Lost Objects, a collection of tales about ghosts and nature, will be published by Luna Press in 2018.

Marian is a co-founder of the small press Ediciones Nevsky/Nevsky Books, and can be found online at marianwomack.com / @beekeepermadrid

Mrs Fox

the house   She yawns in the fog, stretching up to the sky. A yellow dirt road runs between her and me. Appearances are deceptive from where I stand: she seems the gothic ruin of a gothic castle, turrets, greenhouses, gargoyles, the unreal air of prison, refuge, cloister.