Losslit contributor:
Liz Kohn

Liz Kohn lives in St Albans with her husband. She retired from teaching three years ago to concentrate on her writing and research. The attached piece comes from the research she is undertaking into the life of her father and his first wife. Their marriage encapsulated the conflict between east and west within Czechoslovakia and spans the key events of the twentieth century. Liz is learning Czech in order to be able to read the documents and texts and has recently spent a month in Prague continuing her research.

Website: www.lookingforalice.com

Tracks of Life and Death

1910 A young boy sits between his parents on the train as it chugs out of Pressburg station. He looks out at the wide Slovak plains stretching on either side, the farmland and small houses. It is all new to him; he has only known the dark and crowded streets of New York, the small […]