Losslit contributor:
Kit and Aki (Editors)

Kit Caless and Aki Schilz co-founded the LossLit project in the summer of 2014. The project ran initially on Twitter, with the hashtag attracting hundreds of contributions from around the world and a Storify of curated ‘highlights’ reaching thousands of views in a number of days. Now, the Twitter writeclub runs monthly (first Wednesday, 9-11pm UK time), and all tagged contributions are shared from the @LossLit account. Associate Editor Jonny Keyworth joined the LossLit editorial team in 2017.

Twitter: @losslit

Editors’ Note: LossLit Turns Three

In August of 2014, a fun back and forth on Twitter about literary canons between publisher Kit Caless (Influx Press) and writer Aki Schilz (The Literary Consultancy) turned into a conversation that quickly gave birth to the hashtag #LossLit: a hashtag for original, creative tweets driven by loss.

Editors’ Note

Welcome to Issue Two of LossLit Magazine. This is theĀ first issue for which we operatedĀ an open submissions policy. We received a high number of submissions of impressively consistent high quality, and were pleased to see such inventive and diverse works, all taking their inspiration from the central idea of ‘loss’.

Saboteur Awards Shortlist: Please Vote for LossLit!

Excitingly, LossLit has been shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards 2015 in the category ‘Best Collaborative Work’!