Losslit contributor:
Gareth E Rees

Gareth E. Rees is author of ‘Marshland: Dreams & Nightmares on the Edge of London’ and editor of the Unofficial Britain website. His essays and fiction have appeared in The Quietus, the Learned Pig and The Dabbler, as well as publications including ‘Mount London: Ascents In the Vertical City’, ‘Acquired for Development By: A Hackney Anthology’, ‘The Ashgate Research Companion to Paranormal Cultures’ and the spoken word album ‘A Dream Life of Hackney Marshes’. You can read his latest work at www.unofficialbritain.com

Twitter: @hackneymarshman

Website: http://www.unofficialbritain.com/

Museum Without a Gift Shop

The week before we moved into the haunted house, my wife’s granddad had a stroke. When his head hit the floor, his frail skull cracked like an eggshell. He was 96 years old. There was nothing that could be done, they said. They had to let him go.