Losslit contributor:
Chris Beschi

Chris Beschi aka Poetcurious is a multidisciplinary Hiphop artist best known for his work as a spoken word poet. Growing up in a single parent family before moving to London at the age of 5, Chris experienced a number of personal losses at an early age and it has been a theme that has punctuated his art throughout his career. From family break ups to the rise and demise of the UK Hiphop and record shop scene, which played a major role in his development as an artist, Chris has for many years drawn creative inspiration from the theme of loss and the strategies we use to understand and cope with it.

Twitter: @poetcurious

Website: http://www.artofcurious.blogspot.co.uk/


Naked as late autumn branches, memories scattered upon the pavements of London’s twisted streets, like blood after a pub fight; dirtied and downtrodden.