Losslit contributor:
Ben Reynolds

Ben Reynolds quit his job as a journalist in December 2016 to chase his creative writing dream and is working on his first novel ‘The Last of Logan’, which is part grief memoir, part love letter to video games. ‘Mushroom Speed Boosts’ is an adapted section from the book. His work has also appeared in @morestorgy and @EllipsisZine. He lives in Worcester Park in south-west London and has two children to feed, so also works as a freelance journalist and sub-editor.

Mushroom Speed Boosts

I gave up racing Logan for a while. It got boring. He is too good. He knows every shortcut, every shortcut within a shortcut, where to use the mushrooms. He set the fastest time on every track. But I’ve been practicing. I’m ready. Mario celebrates my return with a wahooooo! Logan races as Donkey Kong. […]