Much of literature – from bardic lore to digital experiments in storytelling – is pervaded by a deep sense of loss, in some definition of the word. It is this sense, of what was, or what might have been, that continues to be one of the presiding motivations of human behaviour, and therefore of the stories we create in an attempt to understand and describe the unknowable world.

LossLit is an attempt by its co-creators, Kit Caless and Aki Schilz, to explore the various influences of loss in literature. Collating original fiction, poetry and essays by contributing writers as well as building a canon of important existing LossLit titles, the LossLit project will produce a body of work that will look at Loss from all angles, alongside its online micro-project, the #LossLit hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag can be used any time to tag tweet-length creative responses to Loss, and a Twitter writeclub is hosted every first Wednesday of the month between 9 and 11pm UK time. The writeclub is online and open to all, with updates and RTs on @LossLit.

Our hope is to encourage writers to interrogate Loss, and uncover creative inspiration in a subject that has such a profound impact on how we live today.

Editors: Kit Caless and Aki Schilz
Associate Editor: Jonny Keyworth
Email: losslituk@gmail.com

*Shortlisted for the Saboteur Award 2015 for Best Collaborative Work*

“#LossLit defines a small piece of space and time in an otherwise relentless deluge. It’s thoughtful and honest and naive and wonderful.”

“Innovative use of an existing platform – part game part writing exercise – all fun!”

“#LossLit brings incredibly diverse voices forward, meet new people, read incredibly moving ( and funny!) stuff. The time limit gives an urgency, character limit brings ingenuity. The most fun and accessible poetry collab I’ve experienced.”


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